Intellectual Property Specialists and Legal Practitioners

Patents & innovative Designs – Registration by qualified patent attorneys

Trademarks – Registration to protect brands

Copyright – Preserving artistic rights

Contracts – Precise contract drafting

Legal Services

IP Protection

Ideas and brands are the seeds of IP. To be successful, every business must have its own unique services, products, concepts, identity and visual appeal.

Business names, logos, solgans – those are your trademarks. If you are creating something physical and useful, you have an invention and a design. Writing a book or music, or maybe sculpturing and drawing – you’re creating copyright. A special recipe is an example of a trade secret. These are IP.

Contracts / Agreements

Getting into business? Protecting your rights during and after the business relationship must be at the top of your mind. The profits may end up bitter-sweet if each party’s duties and rights are not set out properly. There are lot of technical traps involved in business. You know that you do not want to lose out on your life’s work because of some sneaky t’s and c’s.

Family and Domestic Matters

Whether it is a marriage document, claim for maintenance, paternity rights, custody, divorce. Each aspect of family law has its own unique approach. We assist in each aspect.

Personal / Bodily Injury Claims

There is nothing that can make up for the results of a car accident. We will help you during and after this difficult time with your claim from the Road Accident Fund.

We also help with slip-and-fall matters, as with workplace injury claims.

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    Provisional, International and National Phase Patent Applications

    When an applicant desires to obtain patent protection for an invention in several countries, they may initiate by filing direct applications in each country. However, this may be undesirable for a number of reasons: 1. The invention would likely need to be refined from a rudimentary form. 2. The initial total cost of filing would […]

  • February 14, 2024

    The plight of the solitary entrepreneur in the local IP landscape

    There has never been a time in history where the protection of intellectual property has been so critical. Inventors, designers and content creators abound, and all of them have an idea to sell. A brand to offer. The South African Patents Act offers protection of technical inventions. To be protected an invention must be new […]

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    Intellectual Property Protection: A necessity or a gimmick?

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  • July 26, 2023

    What is a patent for an invention?

    What is a patent for an invention? The first question may have to be, what is an invention? An invention is anything that solves a problem. A solution. Right after you grab your notepad, start drawing, scribbling and chewing the end in order to turn an idea into a concept: that is where you have […]